Training and Setting up of Heat Treatment and surface treatment plant as per customer requirement.
We have conducted several training programmes at customer end on Heat treatment and surface treatment processes. We have supported our customers in their Heat treatment and Surface treatment Supplier cluster programme (1 year programme with meticulous planning of quality road map, hand holding and monthly review). Our team of metallurgists support customers to set up in-house facility for various Heat treatment and surface treatment processes (Total Project Management).
Vendor development for manufacturing processes.
Our team members with rich experience in manufacturing Technology support customers in setting up new plant or improving present set up for various manufacturing procesess.
Benchmarking projects.
We have actively participated in many Product Benchmarking projects supporting customers in material analysis and product cost evaluation.
Design of product specific validation trials and support in testing and evaluation.
Design validation through Validation trials is an important step to identifiy the deficiency in designed product, if any. Besides supporting customers in conducting various validation trials, we also design the test procedures and sequence, keeping the product functional durability in mind. If needed, we apply design of Experiment Technique (Orthogonal Array) to optimise the no. of experiments.
R&D projects.
We consider R&D as an essential tool for growth and spend 7 to 10% of our revenue on R&D. We also participate in customer's R&D project to develop new Technology. We have set up a small chemical lab to support our R&D activities. We have dedicated testing facilities for activated carbon (Refer Facilities page for details).