About Us

About Us

Vichar Technology was established in the year 2008 as an Engineering Consultancy firm. Initially, our focus was to address Metallurgical issues faced by the Engineering industries and support them in problem solving. Later, some of the industry experts with rich professional experience in different Engineering domain joined Vichar team and today, Vichar is proud to let you know that we have extended our service base to almost all branches of Engineering and Testing.

Our Value proposition is to provide world class analysis at highly cost effective rates and deliver the service product as per customer 's desired delivery time frames. That concept is the purpose on which Vichar Technology was founded and it is the foundation on which we want to build our reputation. We believe in providing value added service to all our customers treating their need as uniquely as the customer themselves.

We are different from other testing labs. Testing and analysis is one of the core activities at Vichar Technology. But, often we go beyond testing and analysis ; we aim to provide technical solutions to our customers. We adopt systematic approach to supporting our customers in the areas of product design and development & testing including R&D, if necessary.

Our Team

Our technical service is managed by highly qualified professionals with wide range of industrial experience - Material analysis, Failure analysis, Reliability Engineering and Testing, Product Design and Development. Our collective experience is over 200 Man years and most of it comes from working in Bosch organisation. All members of our team are recognised experts in their field. Diverse background of our professionals allow us to employ multidisciplinary approach in providing the right engineering solution to your satisfaction. If necessary, we also hire experts to bring the right kind of skill set to execute the project for the specific need of the customer.

We help you and your organisation achieve vital goals. As our experts have long experience working with MNCs, they are well positioned to share what they learnt about best practices through a variety of platforms. Besides, we have reasonably good testing facilities and tie -up with other premier institutions and test labs to offer the complete service to the customers.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Fast, Affordable and complete services
  • High quality, dependable interpretation of results, we often use different techniques to effectively verify the results
  • Superior customer service, our team is always willing to put extra time and effort to provide you with the solution to your urgent issue
  • We are well aware of the problems typical to your industry, we have the capability to mobilize the right resource to provide you the right Engineering solution