Consultancy services

We offer technical consultancy services in the below 5 specific engineering domains. We support our customers in resolving quality issues, improving productivity, cost reduction exercises, standardisation, process audit etc.

  • Hardening and Tempering.
  • Case carburizing, Hardening and Tempering .
  • Carbo-Nitriding.
  • Bainitizing.
  • Induction hardening and Tempering.
  • Gas Nitriding.
  • Nitro Carburizing.

  • Blackening.
  • Phosphating.
  • Zinc Plating/Galvanizing.
  • Nickel plating/electroless Nickel Plating.
  • Bright Chrome Plating/Hard Chrome Plating.
  • Tin Plating.

We offer our metallurgical consultancy services in material selection based on

  • Applicatiion and product function.
  • Alternate material.
  • Import substitution.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Productivity improovement.

We support our customers to conduct systematic audit for the following processes.

  • Forging.
  • Casting .
  • Sintering.
  • Machining.
  • Extrusion.
  • Heat Treatment.
  • Surface Treatment.

We use different Reliability Engineering Techniques for life time prediction. Some of the Techniques are;

  • Webull Distribution.
  • RGM Technque .
  • Life Time calculation-(Wohler curve).