Engineering Services

We strive to provide clients with services spanning from all facets of Product develoment, starting with design concept right through the entire design life cycle including validation. We can suggest options for product configuration while taking into account cost, the functionalities, the strength & stiffness,design, manufacturing and serviceability constraints. We also provide the service of identification of mode of failure (FMEA), design optimization based on design constraints, redesign for cost reductions and for changes in the manufacturing process using our expertise in design & analyisis and manufacturing engineering.

Our experienced and creative design team manages innvoation at the front end of the design and development and also, the details at the back end. The result is a team that collaborates as a true extension of our customer's project team, discovering and developing innovative opportunities. Our involvement in Product development is total i.e. right from Design concept up to proptosample preparation and design validation trials.

We support our customers in product benchmarking (Reverse Engineering). Benchmarking is a way to improvement and gain a competitive edge in a volatile business environment. We involve our design engineers who have gained this exclusive knowledge working in MNCs for a spectrum of Automotive and engineering products.

We observe that many small scale manufacturing units have mastered the manufacturing skill but lack in understanding customer specific requirements. We help them in translating the customer specific application need and how they can meet them with the existing facility at their disposal. We work in this area to help small sectors to improve their business in terms of quality, productivity and turn-over.

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